Format of weekly classes

Beginners class  40 -45 mins

The teacher will introduce the Jive Basic followed by 3 of the 19 Beginners Moves, which everyone practises rotating partners. Followed by.....

Freestyle or practice time

Taxi dancers (experienced volunteers in Jive+ t-shirts), are there to help beginners with the moves just learned in the class, or any other of the Beginner moves, or if you’ve come with a partner, you may wish to have a practice with them.  Otherwise, you are encouraged to ask anyone to dance - ladies ask guys just as much as the other way around.
This is followed by a choice of Beginners Review or Intermediate class/or monthly *Advanced class

Beginners Review

Until you are confident with the 20 Beginners moves, you will find it helpful to spend the second class going over the first one again in a smaller group and at a slower pace.  There is also the opportunity to ask questions and get individual help from the taxi crew in these classes, and they will be happy to help you with any of the Beginners moves.

Monthly Advanced Class

These are run @ Jive+ Littlemore usually on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The level is high and aimed at our more experienced dancers. Often these routines will include a dip or drop, but there will usually be an alternative taught.  Please be extra careful if you are attempting these moves to keep you and your partners safe.
At Jive+ Cassington our teacher leads a monthly Theme class on the last Tuesday of each month. Such themes are: Footwork, Style, Close moves, dancing to fast music, Latin moves etc

*Intermediate Techniques

Intermediate Techniques classes – happen monthly as an alternative to the Advanced class @ Littlemore. Ideal for Intermediate dancers, who would like to dance more smoothly, by learning how to sculpture their dancing so that it flows better.



Intermediate Class

In the Intermediate class you are taught 3/4 moves  some of which will be selected from the Classic Intermediate moves list and others which are variations, and/or possibly something interesting and completely different! There is quite a big jump from the Beginners class to the Intermediate class, as the latter caters for dancers with years of experience behind them, so please don't worry if you find this class very difficult at first - you will find it slightly easier each week as you get more familiar with the moves.


Social dancing (Freestyle)

Chance to dance your socks off to a great selection of music.  Let us know if you want us to play any of your favourites.  Even if you are a Beginner, do stay on for at least a couple of tracks, so you get a chance to practise what you've learned.  Why not ask someone new for a dance?  Don't be shy to ask the better dancers - you should find them easier to dance with, and no-one should refuse you.