More FAQ

Do I enrol for a course or a term?

No – just come along whenever you would like to start. Each evening’s classes are complete in themselves. The Jive Basic move is taught each week, plus a series of different moves. We run most weeks of the year, stopping for the last two weeks in December and sometimes in August.


Do I need to bring a partner?

Not at all – come on your own, or with a partner or friends. We rotate partners during the classes, and we have roughly equal numbers of men and women – often as not, more men! We particularly look out for new dancers on their own, and will help you to join in with other regulars, so you feel relaxed and welcome.

Can I stay fixed with my partner?

Modern Jive is nothing if not a social dance, and therefore we teach the classes by rotating partners. We realise this can be a little daunting at first, but it really is the best way to learn, so that you are able to dance with others as well as your own partner, if you have one. However during the freestyle i.e. the social dancing sessions in between and after the classes, and of course at weekend events, you may if you wish, stay with your partner.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do. These are arranged on an individual or couple, or even small group basis. Contact Coralie to arrange.

Occasionally dancers like to book private lessons to kick start or improve their dancing, either to give themselves confidence in classes, or for a special event, like a Wedding, Big Birthday or Anniversary.

Asking people to dance

It is Modern Jive etiquette that anyone can ask anyone else to dance. There is no need for anyone to wait to be asked.

Etiquette is that if asked, you agree to dance with anyone who asks you for a dance, unless you have a very good reason not to.


Music requests

Requests are welcome – we like to know what inspires you to dance, so tell the DJ. However they may not always play your request that evening, either because they don’t have the track or because it is the wrong speed, tempo or style for MJ. But if suitable, it is likely they will play the following week.


How did I live before I took up MJ

We don’t know either!!