Tuesday - Kidlington


7.45 - 10.45 pm

(Beginner Class 8.00pm, Beginner Practice 9.0 pm, Intermediate Class 9.0 pm - 9.30pm, Freestyle until 10.45 pm)

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Beginner Review classes

  £8 on the door

@ Gosford Hill School

Oxford Road, Kidlington


4 week Summer courses, TUESDAYS 11 June - 2 July for Beginner and Intermediate Modern Jivers.

At Jive+ Kidlington with Nina Daines, internationally renowned dancer, teacher and judge for 20 years+.
Nina will teach the key Beginner Moves and the most useful and popular Intermediate Moves over the 4 weeks.
Dancers who attend all 4 weeks of either or both courses will get a certificate of Attendance at the end of the courses on 2 July.

Beginners attend Beginners classes 7.45 pm for 8.00 pm - 8.45 pm followed by a Beginners Review class till 9.45 pm with an hour's social freesytle till 10.45 pm.
Intermediate dancers are invited to take part in the Beginners classes as per usual, and then take the Intermediate classes 9.00 -9.45 pm followed by an hour's freestyle.
Teachers and taxi dancers will also be on hand during the 2nd freestyle to go over Begnner or Intermediate moves as requested by any dancers taking the courses.
Course fee for either Beginner or Intermediate Course: £20 for the 4 weeks, which covers the whole evening.
Must be paid for by Tues 11 June.

Regular dancers not wishing to formally take part in the course may pay for individual evenings as per usual at £8 per night.
Please sign up as Going if you would like to support this promotion.
Call Coralie for info of further details 07767 360854


Public Transport - Bus

Getting to the class

  • Oxford Magdalen Street stop C3, Buses S4, 500 (park and ride) and 7 run to Kidlington 

Getting home

  • Bus 500 (park and ride)  runs until 12:20 am



Amy Welmers and Chris Bailey

Amy Welmers is probably best known for her exciting Airsteps classes and performances, but she also teaches Rock n Roll for the Oxford Univerity DanceSport club. Chris Bailey, her fiancé, is a very experienced Jiver - together they are an awesome teaching pair!