2020 JIVEATHON for Against Breast Cancer, postoned from Sat 30 May to Sat 24 October, and sadly postponed again till next year....... @ The Oxford Academy, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6JZ

Below pics from the 2018 event - watch the video to see how there was an absolute tie for top fundraiser!!

Download your sponsor form here

Against Breast Cancer 2020 JIVEATHON DETAILS

Firstly a massive THANK YOU for taking part in this event.  Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, and some men as well.
With your help, together we are aiming to raise around £50,000 for Against Breast Cancer as a result of this event.
Something we can all be proud of!

Venue - The Oxford Academy, Sandy Lane West, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6JZ. The Beecroft Theatre - where we run our Jive+ Littlemore classes,  our Thank Friday it's Freestyle!, Jive Talking...2TONE and Oxford Blues events.

On Arrival

If doing the 12 hours, or planning to start @ 12 noon, please arrive by 11.00 am.
You need to be checked in at our Reception, and with the charity reps from ABC, to be given your number, and Tshirt (s) plus you'll want to familiarise yourself with the Rest Room which is the school Library, just by the school Main Reception.

We are hoping that Radio Oxford will be covering the event, and will be interviewing some of you taking part in the JIVEATHON on arrival, and during the breaks.  Please let me know if you would be willing to be interviewed.
Remember this is an ideal opportunity to increase your sponsorship so have your link ready to broadcast!

There will be introductory speaches, and photographs, to be done before we start you sharply @ 12 noon, with some warm-up exercises.
The JIVEATHON will be opened by a celebrity TBA ..... and possibly by one Mr P. Panther, subject to approval by his agent - still negotiating....how much catfood is really necessary!!!

If you are starting your JIVEATHON after 12 noon, then please arrive at least 15 mins before you plan to start.

IMPORTANT details  - please take careful note....

Whatever time you arrive, please park in the main school car park, and arrive via the school main entrance and Reception.
You will start your JIVEATHON on the hour.
You’ll be signed in @ our Main Reception in the foyer outside the Beecroft Theatre - the main school Hall where the JVEATHON is taking place.

You must bring with you, a copy of your paper sponsor form (keep your orginal, as you'll need it to collect any outstanding monies due) and  your on-line sponsorship print-out.
Your sponsrship form should state how many hours you plan on dancing for, and your start and finish time.

Because we have quite a few more ladies signed up than guys, we would like ladies taking part to have a minimum of £100 pledged.  We are drafting in extra leaders to compensate, so we can keep all sponsored dancers dancing, and lady JIVEATHONers who can lead, please lead other ladies some of the time, to keep them dancing.
Unsponsored guys we need you, even if only for a few hours,  but we do have an ambitious target to reach, so guys, if you are taking part in the day unsponsored, we ask you to pay as follows:

Day only – 12.00 noon - 7.45 pm : £10
Evening only – from 7.45 pm  - 1.00 am : £15

FULL MONTY – 12.00 noon – 1.00 am : £20

NB We don't want unsponsored followers taking part in the dancing during the day - ie before 7.45 pm, as this will make it more difficult to keep all our heavily sponsored ladies dancing.

At the Main Reception, all sponsored JIVEATHONers will be given a number corresponding to your name.  Please wear this number the whole while you are taking part in the JIVEATHON, transferring it from one Tshirt to another, if you change shirt.

Once registered, go through to the Beecroft Theatre, where the JIVEATHON is taking place, and please ‘Sign In’ ie give your name and number, to one of the Against Breast Cancer Admin people, sitting at a table just inside the door.


Wear your JIVEATHON Tshirt if you have already, or you can purchase on the day for £10 each.

If you have a minimum of £500 raised or pledged on your sponsor form, you get one FREE Tshirt.
You can purchase additional Tshirts for £10 ea
If you have raised min £500, and paid for your T shirt, we will reimburse your £10.
And if you manage to hit this target figure during the event, you'll be reimbursed your £10.

You MUST wear a JIVEATHON Tshirt the whole while you are taking part in the JIVEATHON, so you can be recognized by the Against Breast Cancer Admin people, and by other dancers to keep you dancing during your sponsored period.

Facilities @ the school

The Rest Room
The school have allowed us the use of their Library for our Rest Room, so it will become a comfortable lounge located on the right, just as you come in the school main Reception.  You can leave your bags etc there, and relax during your 15 mins off each hour.  A rep from the ABC charity will have a security pass into the Library which will only be open during the 15 mins break, so that your belongs should be secure. However, be sensible and don't bring any valuables with you. There are some small compartments just to the right as you enter the Library which about 30 of you could use. Otherwise, please keep your belongs tidily together so that you can avoid losing things.
There will be a couple of T urns with hot water, kettles, disposable cups, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, some biscuits, and crisps. and one or two microwave ovens for use.
The main school Reception will be selling cold soft drinks and chocolate bars but otherwise...
You will need to bring your own food and any other cold drinks you might like. Cold food ie sandwiches are best, plus energy bars etc. Plus don't forget any medication you might need.

The plan is to have one or two therapists on duty during your breaks, in the afternoon and in the evening. They are during the afternoon
You can book a 5 min session with them, and in return you might like to offer £5 to Against Breast Cancer.  They are giving their services free of chanrge.  However, if you are interested in booking them for the future, they will be pleased to give you their contact details.

NB. Neither the school, Jive+ nor the ABC charity can be responsible for any injuries  or health problems during the JIVEATHON.
But see below.....

Are unconventionally unisex - very European! and are off the main foyer on the right as you arrive from the main school Reception, heading towards the Beecroft Theatre.  There are also loos in the Changing Rooms where the showers are.


As in previous years, we are recruiting 4 sets of the UK’s top dance teachers who are kindly leading Master classes for no fee

There will be several of the UK’s best DJs playing during the day and evening, designed to keep you on the floor!

Rest breaks

15 mins rest each hour
These will be from quarter to the hour until the hour, ie
12.45 – 1.00 pm

1.45 – 2.00 pm etc etc

Last rest period being 10.45 – 11.00 pm.

So the JIVEATHON will officially finish @ 11.45 pm !!!!

The first rest period will be 12.45 pm – 1.00 pm

When you take your break, go over to one of the ABC charity admin people, sitting by the door of the Beecroft, and make sure they have seen your number, then give them a wave on your return, and make sure they have seen you. They will be signing you out and in again  One of their people will be opening and shutting the RestRoom for security purposes. If you need access to the RestRoom at any other time, go to the ABC charity table to be let in. This should only be in an emergency!

Showers available from 5.45 pm – 7.45 pm

If you are taking part in the JIVEATHON for 9 hours or longer, you can take ONE 30 min period off to take a shower, but you must sign in and out with an ABC Admin person – see below.  This is instead of, not as well as, your 15 min hourly rest time.

These are reached from a corridor off the Sports Hall, which is itself opposite the main school Reception. They will be signed.

There are c24 individual shower compartments: 4 rooms of 6, therefore 12 showers for ladies, and 12 for guys.
So there will be a shower rota for you to sign up to.  Please have your shower as quickly as possible, so that the next person can take their shower, and use your precious 30 mins as well as you can. We are allowing max 10 mins per person for your shower.
Please bring your own towels and soap etc.

Sign up for your shower on the notices in the RestRoom

These times are arranged so everyone sponsored can do the last class from 8-8.45 pm.

If you are finishing your JIVEATHON @ 5.45 pm, and wish to take a shower, you can join in with the allotted roster above.

The PINK Ball  7.45 pm - 1.00 am
Running in parallel with the JIVEATHON.
NB Unusually early start due to the final class of the day running 8-8.45 pm and starting on time
Do invite your friends to come along to this event and wear PINK
£15 on the door.

10.45 pm Cabaret during the PINK Ball in the evening. DO NOT MISS !!


David Edwardson Photography  will be taking glamorous photos! @ £10 each  – all profits to Against Breast Cancer

There may be one or two stalls in the foyer selling products. TBC

As stated above, we aren't responsible for any injures, and you take part in this event at your own risk.
From previous JIVEATHONS as long as you are reasonably fit with no exisitng medical issues, you should find the 15 mins break per hour, sufficient to keep you going.
However, if you need plasters, or are feeling sick, or you hurt yourself, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE, either on our Reception or the ABC charity Reception, and we will do our best to help you.

Collecting sponsor money

Remember we do advise that you collect the money if at all possible, when each sponsor signs up, as it saves tiresome chasing afterwards.  However, we also understand that in some case this just isn’t possible.

NB You may continue to collect more sponsorship money or signed pledges up till 11 pm.  At previous JIVEATHONS we had loads of extra money collected and pledged on the day itself, and it was exciting to watch the figures going up and up on-line in particular!

What to do with your sponsor money, once you have collected it.
Please send a cheque made to Against Breast Cancer, to their address on the sponsor form.  The Charity have asked that you DO NOT GIVE THME YOUR SPONSOR MONEY ON THE DAY, PLEASE

Prizes and certificates

All your sponsor money is very much appreciated and valued, no matter how much you raise
However, we hope you will all strive to be our top sponsored dancer to win that top prize.
Make sure you give a copy of your sponsor form and/or on-line printout with your final amount to the ABC Admin staff by 11 pm latest, if you have had additional money or signed pledges during the day. Otherwise we will pass over your form you give us on arrival, to the charity, during the day.

Top Prize for the dancer raising the most sponsorship
Still be be negotiated at time of writing...
In 2018 it was Karen Hardy Studios in London
have kindly donated a private class for a couple. Then amazingly as we had a tie betwen the two top sponderd dancers, they agreed to donate a 2nd additional class prize...

There will be beautiful certificates for all sponsored dancers dancing for 6 hours or longer, presented by the Against Breast Cancer CEO Bernadette.....
Presentations will take place at 6.00 pm for those finishng @ 5.45  pm, and the rest @ 12.30 am once the charity have produced them, and when we have calculated who has achieved the target and won the star prize. So do stay till then if you possibly can.
And there will be token prizes for all dancers raising £500 or more!

The Against Breast Cancer Admins on the day will to the maths, and as long as you keep dancing for the number of hours you’ve agreed to, we WILL have a winner.

 Any other questions???

Do not hesitate to call, email or contact me on Facebook, and/or come and see me during the day itself.  I’m around all day and evening, probably in a strange pink outfit!!


One day we hope Against Breast Cancer will come up with a vaccine against this dreadful disease and YOU will have helped make that happen!!

Coralie X    07767 360854