8.30 pm - 1.00 am

The legend that is Thank Friday!


£12 before 9.30 pm
£13 after 9.30 pm
Students £8 with card

@ The Oxford Academy

Sandy Lane West, Littlemore, OX4 6JZ

  • Licensed Bar
  • FREE water all night
  • Cakes and biscuits at 11.oo pm


The first Friday of every month. Except August when we are running on Friday 26 July instead.

07767 360854




The Experience

A freestyle for experienced, partner dancers, most of whom are Modern Jivers, who enjoy the challenge of dancing expressively to music which is rarely if ever played elsewhere. The music covers a wide range of genres, is challenging, and unconventional.

What we can say, is that every track selected by the DJ is one they would personally love to dance to.......

The people who enjoy Thank Friday! (and return month after month!), love the different approach to the music, and it's endless variety. They engage their musicality rather than moves in response, and enter into great connection with their dancer partner. Dancers of all levels and standard are welcome and can enjoy the experience, as long as they go with the flow . The experience can be quite emotional, and can lead to those 'Wow!' moments, when you realise you have danced to a track you might never have imagined you could dance to.
If you haven't been along yet, give it a go, and join c 200+ others who travel from all over the country.

For expressive dancers who like to experiment with their dancing with like-minded others.  Music is mixed tempo, unusual, and challenging - but always fun!
Our TFIF DJs spend hours and hours researching the specially selected tunes they play to inspire our creativity on the dance floor, which you won't find anywhere else, and they LOVE seeing how you interpret what they play.