Jive Talking....2TONE  8.30 pm – 1.00 am

Xmas Party Sat 21 Dec

@ The Oxford Academy, Sandy Lane West, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6JZ

8.30 pm – 1.00 am  Expect a mix of lively, popular favourites, both current and classic, to keep you on the dance floor.
11.00 pm onwards. The mood changes and we play more mellow, non-Charts - music for fun and interpretation, but still easy to dance to.

  • Tasty snacks @ 11 pm
  • On-site parking


Thank Friday its freestyle! 8.30 pm – 1.00 am

@ The Oxford Academy, Sandy Lane West, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6JZ
The first Friday of every month.Thank Friday! is aimed @ the more experienced, expressive dancer, wanting to experiment and push the boundaries of their dancing. Resident DJ Morris Revdrop plus support from specially selected invited DJs, play unusual, often challenging, mixed tempo, alternative tracks, to interpret and have fun with.
  • Licensed Bar, FREE water all night, comp biscuits and cakes
  • On-site and overflow car park
  • Attracts 200+ dancers from all over the UK

Get there before 9.30 pm for £12 entry, after 9.30 pm £13

Oxford Blues 8.00 pm - 1.00 am

@ The Oxford Academy, Sandy Lane west OX4 6JZ. Beecroft Theatre.

Real BLUES music from 1940s trad, 1950s R'n'B, thru to more progressive recent Blues tunes.

8.15-8.45 pm Raw Blues class – ideal for Blues beginners or as an ice-breaker for the evening.
Guest DJs: eg Andy Fleming, Rob Jeffreys, Nigel & Nina, and Dance Demon  - John Porterfield.
Wide mix of Blues tracks from 1940s - current

  • Soft drinks on sale or BYO
  • On-site parking, and overflow parking

£10 on door till 9.30 pm, £12 after 9.30 pm.
Students with Card £8


You can add all of our freestyles to your Google calendar, using this link